World Cancer Day

_MG_9799A few months ago, the kids and I went to an amusement park with our extended family.  The day was filled with fun moments, and also lots of tears.

Right after lunch, my son asked me to go on a ride with him, just the two of us.  We waited in line a few minutes and before I knew it, we were flying around in circles going up and down, laughing and smiling.  It was a fun moment, until I looked down.

Waiting at the exit gate, was my daughter.  She was crying that liquid-y, red-faced, snotty cry.  My mom was trying to comfort her, but I could see her mouth “Mommy” over and over.  My heart immediately tore in two.

I wanted to enjoy this precious moment with my son, but I ached to make my daughter feel better.  Her pain was out of my reach or control, so I had to do my best to do both tasks at the same time.

I’ve been thinking about that moment for many months, because that is exactly what it’s like watching my children grieve their dad, as I grieve for my husband.  Our days are filled with mixed emotions that are out of control.scott collage

Nothing I say or do makes it better for them.  He will be missing from our lives, forever.

Cancer stole a husband, daddy, son, brother, uncle.  We lost Scott, despite his willingness to fight and fight and fight and fight.

However, cancer is everywhere, taking too many too soon. Everyone knows someone affected by this ugly illness.

It needs to stop.  It needs to BE STOPPED. We need to stand up and fight it, how ever we can.  I might never find the actual cure, but I will do what I can to spread awareness.

It might be out of our control, but we can join together to tell our stories.  We can let the memories live.

My friend Wendy, a cancer survivor, knows this illness too well.  Hop on over to her blog for World Cancer Awareness Day, and see who we are standing up for.

Who do you stand up for?


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