This is Competitive Sports

IMG_7341Dear Son,

I love you with every ounce of me.  You are everything I dreamed you would be, and so much more.  You are half your dad and half me; a nice, healthy mix.  Dare I say, I love you more than you love baseball?  It’s true and until you hold your own baby, you’ll respectfully disagree; I understand.

This year, you asked begged me to play a higher level of baseball than last year.  You were ready.  Somehow, you made your way onto a good team, with dedicated coaches.  I watched you try so hard; and I’m so proud.  However, you also learned the hard lessons of competitive sports.

IMG_7293The times you walked to your position instead of ran; when you went up to bat, already feeling defeated, before you even swung at the first pitch; and then you struck out.  When you play competitive ball, I do agree with your coach’s decision to make you sit out those times you’re not giving it your best.  I’m not going to compare your playing time to your teammates.  I support your coach 100%.  This is competitive sports.

Those calls by umpires that seem like bad ones, do upset me.  I might be disappointed, and yes, they looked good from way back in the stands.  However, so many calls in your favor look bad to me.  Instead of getting mad and yelling, I’m going to trust the eyes close to the action.  Those umpires don’t care which nine-year-old team wins or loses.  They’re just doing their job and I trust them.  This is competitive sports.

IMG_7285When you play sports, you will win some and lose some.  I can’t control the game from the stands, and of course, I want you to win.  However, when you lose, there is no crying.  The pros win some and lose more.  They have to pick themselves up and play their best the next day.  You need to learn to be disappointed.  You also need to learn to look at your game, and figure out how you will do better next time.  Learn from your mistakes, don’t cry about them. This is competitive sports.

As I sit in the stands and watch you, I pray for you.  I pray that you are doing your best.  I pray that you are learning from your triumphs and mistakes.  I’m the one cheering loudest for you, no matter how the play goes, whether you’re the team hero or the team mess up.  I clap for you always and am your number one fan.  I’m on your team EVERY SINGLE TIME.  This is competitive sports.

All of my love,


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