Slow Down to Speed Up


The message to me started with a picture my cousin posted on Instagram. The caption asked, “Can you sit for 5 minutes of quiet?” My mind immediately went to my never-ending to-do list, followed by a list of times and places our family need to be here, there and everywhere. ‘Five minutes of quiet? How […]

I Say, they Hear


Before I had kids, I thought my ability to manage 23 children in an educational setting would prepare me for motherhood. I am a trained professional and make a living communicating. Motherhood? Bring it. Ten years later, I laugh at my stupidity. I have amazing kids. Despite my efforts, communicating effectively is not as simple […]

The Storms in Life give us Spring


Last week we experienced the first storms of the season. They day went from warm, sunny, and happy to loud, angry, and rainy. Winter has been long gone, but the signs of spring have yet to show. Few plants have grown, the grass was still mostly brown, flowers were still hiding, despite the warm weather. […]

Easter Egg Hunt Failures


I love Easter. It has always been my favorite holiday. To me, it’s about forgiveness, new beginnings, new life, and renewal. It’s always been a deep feeling holiday that extend beyond the bunny and chocolates. One of my favorite Easters was in 2009. Ana was finally old enough to grasp that candy was left all […]