Most days, I fail

Somedays, I miss-2Years before, when life was perfect, before I knew how perfect it was, I often let myself get overwhelmed with being a grown-up.  My husband, partner in crime, often had the words to lift me up, help me out, do … Continue reading

The Price of Change

CA usI’d be lying if I said I loved our life the way it was.  I wanted it to change.  I’m a free spirit, on the move, and always need to feel like we are moving forward.  Staying still hurts my soul, … Continue reading

A Working Mother’s Wish

First day of school 2014-2I’m a mom.  I love my kids more than words can express.  They frustrate me on a daily basis, but they give me reasons to smile, laugh, and live even more.  They are the best sides of us; … Continue reading

While my little one sleeps

while my little one sleepsPreparing for bed last night, I enter my room.  My lamp is lit, a new book ready to be read sits on my bed.  My body is physically and mentally exhausted and I’ve been waiting for this moment … Continue reading

Before the eyes of grief

7590176704_9a95004b77_bOnce, when life was perfect, before I knew how perfect it was, I thought life would be this way forever.  Was there stress?  Yes.  Were there disagreements? Of course.  There were many less than perfect moments, but nothing was so bad, … Continue reading

The Guest of Honor is Missing

We sit around the table, sipping sweet drinks, remembering other visits, which feel like a lifetime ago.  We smile, sometimes laugh, and wonder what this night would have looked like had things turned out differently.

The memories keep us talking, and we are grateful to have them.  We are used … Continue reading

Lost and Found

Lost and Found-2The intention was not to be wildly productive on Saturday. I awoke that morning without any plans, except to take care of my sick son. Mid Morning, I was already bored and determined NOT to spend my day on a … Continue reading

Making life a little easier with myCharge

myCharge Holiday BannerWith my new job, I spend my days going between different schools.  As a single mom, I have to be reachable during the school day.  Last Wednesday night, I forgot to charge my phone before bed.  Thursday, by noon, my phone … Continue reading

As I stare at the Christmas tubs

FaithI slowly walk down the stairs, step by step and the closet feels extremely far away. I make my way through the finished basement and end up in the storage room.  I enter, and quickly find the tubs I came down to … Continue reading

Photographs Lie and Tell the Truth

hugsI can’t show you the ugliness of cancer.  I can’t show it to you because I didn’t photograph it as we lived that horrifying experience.  Scott was a private person, who didn’t want his struggles recorded to be shared with the world. … Continue reading