To the One who Passed Away, I Miss You


To the One who Passed Away, I honestly never thought I would have to live without you. When the day came that you left, I couldn’t believe how at peace I felt about your eternity. I knew you were in a better place, without pain. I breathed a deep breath, relieved that you were happy […]

Taking Risks and Living Again


I have very few regrets about our marriage. I refuse to beat myself up about time wasted with stupid squabbles. I’m also not going to be sad about the times I went out with friends or took a class instead of being with him. We lived our lives with every experience shaping us into who […]

Living for Today

The other day, I held my two month old nephew for a couple of hours. I breathed in his beautiful baby smell, smiled at his coos, bounced him when he was fussy. I loved his soft baby skin, and his big baby eyes. It was so beautiful and glorious and I wanted those moments with […]

All You Need is a Pair of Shoes

Exercise is my Zoloft; it’s my sanity. It’s not my favorite thing to do, but I’m addicted to the wonderful feeling I get when I’m done. I have a love/hate relationship with it, but I always come back to it, wanting more. Once Scott was diagnosed, exercise was the first thing I let go. Of […]