This is Autism in Our Family

IMG_4140“Are you right-handed or left-handed?”

“Stop, I need to look at the hours before we go in.”

“Why don’t kids like me, Mom?”

“You’re joking! Right???”

“That’s my chair.”

“Which US President died on this day … Continue reading

This is Competitive Sports

IMG_7341Dear Son,

I love you with every ounce of me.  You are everything I dreamed you would be, and so much more.  You are half your dad and half me; a nice, healthy mix.  Dare I say, I love you … Continue reading

Grief is…

best day-4Grief is feeling happy one moment, and then absolutely sad the next.

Grief is moving forward, while loving the past.

Grief is full of unanswered questions and mysteries.

Grief is trying to silence the memories of the past while also being comforted … Continue reading

What a Paper Bag Taught me about my Kids

IMG_4135The other day, as we were unpacking groceries, I gave my daughter a simple, yet useful task.  I simply asked her to fold up the paper bags once they were empty.  I figured it wouldn’t take her long, and we’d have the … Continue reading

A Few Tips that are Making our Summer Better

pool daysAs a teacher, I long for and crave summer. I love the freedom, the sleep, the time to pay attention to life and my family. I have it up on a pedestal. Once it’s here and I’m spending the day with … Continue reading

It’s Fireworks Season – Let’s be Safe

FireworksAs a child, our family bought fireworks to set off on July 4th.  Every year I remember having firecrackers, smoke bombs, bottle rockets, snaps, and a parachute.  My brothers and I took our lit punks and set them off around the farm.  Once … Continue reading

A Tough Lesson Learned One Friday Night in my Kitchen

pool daysLast week was one of those run, run, run kind of weeks. The kids had day camp, I hurt my back, there as swimming, baseball, and late night swimming. Our weekend plans involved the zoo and getting ready for camp. Needless … Continue reading

A Letter: The REAL lessons I hope my kids learn at camp

IMG_4135Dear Kids,

For the first time in our lives, I dropped BOTH of you off at summer camp.  I missed you before I even left the parking lot.  I kept waiting for the counselors to invite me to spend the week working … Continue reading

The Wrong Way Home

I don’t know my way home from the airport.  I know the general direction; and that it’s full of twists, turns, traffic, and honking horns.  I also know, it’s so easy to get lost on the way home, for some strange reason.

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