Books you MUST Enjoy, According to my Friends


It’s here, friends. The end of summer is upon us. I know. But that doesn’t mean you need to put your beloved books down! In fact, just the opposite. No time like the present to dig into your reading and escape the hassles and woes of Back to School prep and fuss. There is something […]

To the One who Passed Away, I Miss You


To the One who Passed Away, I honestly never thought I would have to live without you. When the day came that you left, I couldn’t believe how at peace I felt about your eternity. I knew you were in a better place, without pain. I breathed a deep breath, relieved that you were happy […]

Taking Risks and Living Again


I have very few regrets about our marriage. I refuse to beat myself up about time wasted with stupid squabbles. I’m also not going to be sad about the times I went out with friends or took a class instead of being with him. We lived our lives with every experience shaping us into who […]

Living for Today

The other day, I held my two month old nephew for a couple of hours. I breathed in his beautiful baby smell, smiled at his coos, bounced him when he was fussy. I loved his soft baby skin, and his big baby eyes. It was so beautiful and glorious and I wanted those moments with […]