The Simple Phrase I Don’t Say Enough

Good kids“Mom, do you think Heaven is real?”

“Of course it’s real,” says the other child with such force, I couldn’t help but believe it too.

“Why do you ask?”

Deep down, I know Heaven is real.  I see signs daily that … Continue reading

A Terrible Start, but Better than the Past

First day of school 2014-2I woke up on the first day of school determined to push the past out of my head.  I was determined to be everything my kids needed: a normal mom who was going to help them get ready … Continue reading

Reflections of our Simple Life

CA usI’ve felt the loss in every single minute of this past year.  The first crapaversary is here and all I can think about is our past.

Today I’m sad.  Yesterday, I was sad. I’m positive that tomorrow, I will still be … Continue reading

This week last year…

MG_9757.jpgIMG_1632We didn’t know it, but this time last year, Scott was living out the last days of his Earthly life.  It wasn’t beautiful or poetic.  I wish I could say we spent hours together, … Continue reading

How we Told our Elementary School Children about their Dad’s Cancer

_MG_8143Lately, many people have been asking me how we told our kids Scott had cancer.  I know they’re hoping for a book reference, or maybe they’re just curious, whatever the reason, I do my best to answer them.  When we told our … Continue reading

Don’t Compare

IMG_7285I pick him up from camp.  His shoulders are hunched, he’s dragging his bag, and his focus is on the ground.  

“How did it go?”  I asked cheerfully, waiting for the obvious stormy answer.

“Everyone is better than … Continue reading

School Supply Shopping and Painful Memories

Sharpened pencils, blank notebooks, new crayons with gorgeous sharp points.  The erasers are still pink, the socks are still white, and the tissue boxes remain unopened.  Everything is crisp, new, and the promise of a wonderful year sits on the horizon.  Books ready to be read, and fun games that … Continue reading

This is Autism in Our Family

IMG_4140“Are you right-handed or left-handed?”

“Stop, I need to look at the hours before we go in.”

“Why don’t kids like me, Mom?”

“You’re joking! Right???”

“That’s my chair.”

“Which US President died on this day … Continue reading