Laughing at Ourselves

Learning to Laugh-2

Ten years ago, my doctor handed me a baby and said, “Congratulations! It’s a boy!” In that moment, everything was perfect. Scott and I were elated with our huge, beautiful baby boy. I was certain that Scott’s and my gift to humanity was to birth as many babies as possible. Lucky for me, Scott was […]

Admitting Defeat


The day Scott and I discovered he was going to lose his hair due to aggressive chemotherapy, I knew that I would not shave my head for him. While he had beautiful hair, he was slowly going bald anyway. Sitting next to him, hearing the news, I felt both powerless and relieved. I was relieved that […]

A Parenting Debate and Why I Think Both Sides are Wrong (or Right)


I read a book about ten years ago that shattered my heart. It was about a woman who lost a piece of her memory, and when it came back, she realized her young husband died. I remember shaking as I read the words, and realized what happened in the story. I couldn’t sleep that night, […]

The Legacy He Left

Scott's Legacy watermark

My kids have some memories of their dad.  They remember beach picnics, cuddling, fishing, walking to Michigan, driving to the mountains, and our one day at an amusement park. While looking through pictures, they remember more. I’m happy I can give that gift to them. They knew their dad as young children. They saw him […]