I need Easter

“I need Easter,” is a phrase that has been swimming around in my head this past week. I don’t need the candy, the bunny, the fake symbols of the holiday. I don’t need those: no one does. I need Easter, the promise, the love, the Grace. I need it now, … Continue reading

What would you do with a billion dollars?

Chores-7Money.  It’s so necessary, and sometimes feels evil.  It’s not my favorite topic, but I’ve made it my mission to raise financially savvy kids.  Sometimes, it’s harder than I ever thought it would be, and other times, I know it’s necessary.

Back … Continue reading

I can only imagine

_MG_9945“I can only imagine…” are words I hear a lot.  They are said by someone who is trying, wanting, and needing to comfort or help.  They are honest and real and don’t offend me at all.  I think it’s because it’s … Continue reading

Pretending to be Scarlett

IMG_9726Whenever I think about young widows Scarlett O’Hare comes to mind.  She was famous for exclaiming, “I’m too young to be a widow!”  She didn’t want to hide for a year, or wear black.  She wanted to continue with life, wear fancy dresses, … Continue reading

The Things I loved about being Married

CA usI miss him.  I miss it.  I miss us.  We were really good at being married.  Lately, when I grieve, I’m not just grieving the loss of a man, and father, but also the loss of a (mostly) happy marriage.

Last … Continue reading

Old post with a bigger understanding: Happily Ever After Revisited

Since late summer in 2000, I loved Scott with my whole heart.  However, on August 10, 2013, I learned the price of a deep love.  After watching my husband, wince in pain, no matter how many drugs the doctors gave him, I knew … Continue reading

The stories you never forget

One December night, Scott, the kids, and I came home from a Christmas party.  We tucked our tired babies safely in their beds; and sighed that wonderful sigh when everything in life feels wonderful.  Once the kids were down, Scott and I did our normal … Continue reading

Wondering which way to go….

the roads-2I feel like I’m standing at this gigantic fork in the road, waiting for answer about which road to take.  The road leads to the future; it’s the first big step in creating a new life for three, and letting go of … Continue reading

Today I found happiness

Today I found happiness-2The truth: The last month or so, I’ve been a sad, cranky, basket case.  The ugly cry everyday, how will I live through another moment, basket-case.  I’ve been sad and grieving.  Everyone keeps telling me I’m allowed to feel … Continue reading

I kept my promise to Scott

Awakening-2“Hey, Babes, how was your day?”  Scott asked one August evening after work.

“Oh, it was great.  I had lunch with Tricia and spent this afternoon applying for grad school!  I’m so excited!”


“It’s this great program through Wayne State. It just … Continue reading